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Is your home a Kincade?

Tell Me About Your Home

Do you love your home? What do you like best about your home?  Does your home bring a smile to your heart?  Which room of your home is your favorite or do you prefer your backyard? What about your home would you change if money... Read More »

summer party in your home

Plan a Summer Party at Your Home

Summer is a great time to throw a party in your home.  The weather is warm, crowds are relaxed, and the food can be fantastic! Whether celebrating Independence Day, a birthday, or just throwing a barbeque to welcome your friends,... Read More »

Pets & Your Home for sale

Pets & Your Home For Sale

Many home owners own pets. In fact, that is one of the bonuses to home ownership! However are you aware that your pet(s) can result in your home taking longer to sell or being sold at a reduced price? This may sound alarming,... Read More »

Americans Still Prefer Buying a Home to Renting

Owning a home still has more appeal than renting for Americans, according to Fannie Mae. A sign of stability, safety, family and community, home ownership is an essential component of the “American Dream” of success... Read More »

Consider Safety When Showing Your Home For Sale

When a potential buyer considers a home for sale, they are looking for more than a home that “feels” good, they also want to make sure their needs and wants now and in the future can be met. One of these needs is often... Read More »

How Buying a Home is Like Finding the Perfect Shoe

The adage “one shoe fits all” does not work when buying a home.  It doesn’t work when shoe shopping, either, for that matter!  Homes, like shoes, are very personal, and often are emotionally-based purchases. Try as they... Read More »

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